About us

ISPAL Worldwide Trade Connections connects Israeli companies and individuals, with a large range of local and International companies, In Asia and Worldwide, with a special emphasis on those in the Palestinian Authority (PA) and throughout the Arab world.

The fascinating differences between the two cultures and the diverse ways in which the two sides conduct business are only two of the challenges Israeli and Arab companies and individual businessmen face when striving to interact and desire to do business with one another.ISPAL specializes in providing both a professional and personal solution to these issues.

Our Values

  • We act with integrity and honesty.
  • We focus on customer success and satisfaction.
  • We drive innovation and results by understanding the market and its opportunities.
  • We are committed to the values of responsibility, sustainability, respect, integrity, and transparency.

Our Operating Principles

We operate in compliance with the law and adhere to high ethical standards.

  • We assess the impact on customers and society when making decisions.
  • We are externally focused. Our businesses are defined by markets.
  • We are process-centered. Our processes are designed to optimize global performance.

Our employees are a vital factor for success in the competitive international environment in which we operate. Collaborating with our customers, they develop innovations and also play a role in conserving resources.